Worried about your childs safety?

Worried about your child’s safety? Did you know that over 70% of 15 year olds report experiencing bullying behaviours every year? If you have been concerned about this, then consider giving your child a safety tool that will make it easy for them to quickly and discreetly get help anywhere, anytime. The Haloguard Personal Safety […]

Safety Tips for older family members

Keeping Our Loved Ones Safe In Their Golden Years As our loved ones age, their safety becomes a top priority. The good news is there are many simple steps we can take to ensure their well-being and independence. Here are some key areas you could think about to help in creating a safer environment . […]

Purchase with a Purpose

A Purchase with a Purpose. I met Miranda from Ico Traders  about 3 years ago to chat about the idea of a fundraiser for families experiencing family violence. Working within this sector as a supplier of safety alarms I was often frustrated with the increasing number of families at risk and the barriers many of […]