Hi there, this is Sharron, the Creator of HaloGuard.

My story, and HaloGuards’ journey, began with a life-changing accident that brought home the importance of feeling safe and connected and being able to get help quickly, especially in challenging times. During my recovery, I realised that feeling isolated and vulnerable shouldn’t be anyone’s reality when facing an emergency.

Fueled by this realisation HaloGuard came to life.

Feeling protected has never been easier. Haloguard is more than technology; it’s a way to connect to your circle of trusted Guardians so you feel safe and supported like never before.

Our Secret weapon?

The talented team working with you.

  • Located in Christchurch, our dedicated app development team understands your evolving needs and has delivered a comprehensive safety solution.
  • Polly, your technical support rockstar is not just here to answer questions, she’s here to guide you every step of the way. From setup and training, she will make sure you feel confident using HaloGuard and help you become an expert in your safety and well-being.

I’ve lost count of the times I’ve said “Imagine if I’d had something like HaloGuard when I had my accident, my experience would have been very different .”

Life is full of surprises, and maybe not all of them are pleasant, so by investing in a HaloGuard you’ll be prepared for anything.

Meet Our Team


Sharron Jones


Polly Genet

Frequently Asked Questions

Your HaloGuard device has an IP68 rating which means it can withstand dust, dirt, and sand, and is water resistant in up to 5ft/1.5metres of water for up to 30 minutes. This level of water resistance makes the HaloGuard suitable for use in diverse wet conditions.

HaloGuard offers extensive customisation options to suit various demographics and safety needs. From young individuals, senior citizens or business professionals working in potentially risky environments, HaloGuard is adaptable. Turn on/off the many safety features based on your preferences. This flexibility ensures HaloGuard provides a tailored safety solution, empowering users to feel secure in any situation.

Battery life can vary depending on use. For normal use you can expect your HaloGuard to last 24-36 hours. Activating continuous location tracking can decrease this expectancy.

If an alarm is accidentally activated, there is a 5 second countdown during which time the alarm can be cancelled and Guardians will not be alerted.

Your alarms are monitored by your chosen Guardians and based on the information received they will take appropriate action on your behalf.

Yes, HaloGuard is a great way to keep safe while you are traveling both domestically and internationally, as long as you have cellular wifi available.

Yes. Your Guardians will also need the HaloGuard app. When they download the app they will be giving free access to receive alerts from those being guarded by them. If they wish to take full advantage of the additional app features Guardians can upgrade to a subscription either monthly or yearly.

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