Worried about your child’s safety?

Did you know that over 70% of 15 year olds report experiencing bullying behaviours every year?

If you have been concerned about this, then consider giving your child a safety tool that will make it easy for them to quickly and discreetly get help anywhere, anytime.

The Haloguard Personal Safety Alarm is sleek, powerful and discreet, and looks and functions like a smartwatch.

Its secret super power is that your child can also use it to send an SOS  to you whenever they feel unsafe.

Whether it’s travelling to or from school, during school hours, at weekend sport or parties, or even if they need a quick exit strategy from a sticky situation.

You can download the HaloGuard App from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store now for a free trial! Also read what others have had to say on the website.

Imagine the relief of knowing your child has a tool to alert you in any situation. A personal safety alarm offers a layer of protection that can make all the difference.

The peace of mind  in knowing your child can quickly and quietly alert you if they need to , is priceless !